Why Choose an Accredited Land Consultant?

When buying or selling land, you might be tempted to find any regular land broker or real estate agent. The truth is that when you choose a Realtor for buying and selling land, it’s a good idea to find an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC).

ALCs are one of the highest designations for Realtors with insider knowledge on segments of land specialized for agriculture, timber, ranch, recreation, vacant land, land management, investments, and more. Beyond their specialized education, there are many other reasons why you should choose an Accredited Land Consultant.

What is an Accredited Land Consultant?

Accredited Land Consultants are real estate professionals that are the most qualified and most accomplished land experts. For a land expert to become ALC certified, he or she has to undergo a thorough education program, as well as show a successful history of transaction performances, while also exhibiting a dedication to extending his or her education and professional growth. ALCs not only have personalized knowledge of the land, but they also understand how to add value to transactions, and come up with creative solutions for vacant land to help their clients more financially.

Advantages of Finding an ALC

Unlike basic land brokers and agents, ALCs have advanced qualifications that show their dedication to the profession of land brokerage. They not only know how to expedite land sells, they also have insider knowledge and networking skills to help you save money in your business transaction.

ALCs have taken over 100 hours of specialized classes on land with a documentation of $10,000,000 personal land sales, and must have recommendations and reviews from other brokers across the country. By finding an experienced ALC, you can benefit in the following ways:

Feel comfortable with your transaction. By choosing an Accredited Land Consultant, you can feel some peace of mind making large investments, knowing that a skilled and experienced land professional is handling your business.

Get more market information. Accredited Land Consultants can help you locate your the ideal property through their access to top networking and marketing information.

Professional recommendations for land use. Beyond finding land, ALCs are astute in providing creative assessments and recommendations on land based on your goals of use for the land.

More experience structuring deals for tax deferments. ALCs are more apt to structure deals with tax deferrals, so you can get more tax and subsidy benefits.

Insider knowledge of land parcels. ALCs are able to provide you with up-to-date and relevant data on land parcels, including soil and crop data, demographics, and aerial photography. This way, you know exactly what you are purchasing, and there are no surprises on what the land was used for prior to your purchase.

Guarantee lawfulness. Your ALC will ensure that your land transaction does not break the current laws or regulations within your local community.

What Specializations Can ALCs Hold?

Accredited Land Consultants can specialize in five different areas of land brokerage. Depending on the ALC you choose, he or she will have specialization in one ore more of the following realms:

Agriculture and ranches

Crude tracts of land

Transitional and development property

Wholesales of lots and subdivisions

Selecting sites for assembling parcels of land

Why Choose Accredited Land Consultant, Jason DurJava?

Jason DurJava, ALC in Turlock, CA has a niche knowledge in the California agricultural market, focusing on everything from medium to large-scale row crops, open farmland, dairy farms, vineyards, timber crops, and orchards.

In 2015, Jason DurJava, ALC was the number one agent in the world for agriculture, ranch, and commercial production with specialized licenses to broker dairy cattle and more.

Before searching for landing or putting your land parcel on the market, we highly recommend contacting an experienced Accredited Land Consultant.

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