Etcheverry Ranch

Status: Active

Acres: 2,591

Price: $1,800,000

Price Per Acre: $694



Located in the West Hills of California's central valley, 2,591+/- acres of range land. This ranch is ideal for the California rancher who runs cattle, sheep, or both. Currently the ranch is being run as a cow/calf operation, with sheep on the BLM permit that is currently held by the Sellers. This ranch is ideally located, just minutes off of I-5 which makes shipping and daily care manageable. This ranch can be yours for $1,945,000.


Etcheverry Ranch, Firebaugh, CA





There is a seasonal creek that runs through the ranch.When there is no water in the creek, Stock water is trucked in from offsite.One could explore the option of working with the natural resource conservation system to implement a water system.


Compromised of class IV,V, AND VI.


The ranch is currently being used as a sheep and cattle ranch, being grazed seasonally during the winter months. Grazing season carrying capacity varies with the amount of rainfall. There is also a BLM grazing permit currently held by Sellers. A new Buyer can apply for the transfer of the permit. The grazing season is January 1st through April 30th . Currently the permit allows only sheep grazing, and is open range. Questions and due diligence of the BLM permit can be directed to the Hollister BLM office.

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