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Benefits of Agriculture and Farming

Author:AgLand ConsultantDate:2018-11-29
Agriculture and farming can provide a lot of benefits to a land owner and the community. Learn more about the benefits of agriculture and farming.

Choosing the Right Realtor for Buying a Ranch

Author:Jason DurJavaDate:2018-10-29
Before purchasing a ranch, it is important to find an experienced Realtor to help. Learn the tips on how to find an experienced realtor for buying a ranch.

Buying Land for a Solar Farm

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2018-08-31
Want to buy land for a solar development? Learn these tips on different types of solar farms and how to buy land for a solar farm near Turlock CA.

Benefits of Organic Dairy Farming

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2018-07-18
Owning an organic dairy farm is hard work but can be financially rewarding. Learn more about the benefits of organic dairy farming.

Benefits of Living in Merced, CA

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2018-06-26
Location and cost of living makes Merced, CA an opportune town to live and purchase properties. Learn more about the benefits of living in Merced with our experienced agricultural consultant.

How Do I Become a Rancher?

Author:AgLand ConsultantDate:2018-05-17
Thinking about getting into the ranching business? Ranching requires a passion for the outdoors and taking care of cattle. Learn more on how to become a rancher here.

Living and working in Fresno, CA

Author:AgLand Consultants Date:2018-04-24
Thinking about relocating to Fresno, CA? Our accredited land consultant explains why people are moving to Fresno, CA to live and work.

Agriculture and farming in Turlock, CA area

Author:Ag Land ConsultantDate:2018-03-19
Turlock, CA is one of the most fertile area in the United States. Learn more about farming and agriculture in Turlock.

Things to know before starting your own dairy farm

Author:Ag Land ConsultantsDate:2018-02-15
Before purchasing a dairy farm, these are some tips you should know - like FDA regulations, amount of pasture needed, and more.

Tips for buying and owning a vineyard

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2018-01-17
Are you interested in buying or owning a vineyard? California AgLand Consultant, Jason DurJava offers some tips for finding the right property.

What to know when buying Napa real estate

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2017-12-19
Our experienced agricultural Realtor, Jason DurJava, ALC, explain what to know when buying Napa Real Estate. Learn more here.

What to know before buying an empty lot

Author:Ag Land Consultants Inc.Date:2017-11-18
Thinking of buying an empty lot? Learn what you should keep in mind when buying an empty lot, like getting building permits, financing, and more.

Best Types of Land in Northern California

Author:AgLand Consultants Inc.Date:2017-10-18
Are you thinking about purchasing agricultural property? Learn the best types of land in Northern California and their benefits.

Benefits and risks of owning agricultural property

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2017-09-19
Owning agricultural property comes with inherent risks and benefits. Learn the risks and benefits of investing in agricultural property from an experienced agricultural consultant.

Tips for buying and selling ranches

Are you trying to buy or sell a ranch? There are a few things you should take into consideration before making a permanent decision. Learn more here.

Why Choose an Accredited Land Consultant

Author:Agland ConsultantsDate:2017-07-25
When making a large land transaction, it is a good idea to find an accredited land consultant, especially for agricultural purchases. Learn more about the benefits of choosing an Accredited Land Consultant.

What to know before buying a farm

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2017-05-17
For many people, a gorgeous farmhouse in the heart of the countryside is a slice of the American dream.

Advice for Home Buyers

Author:Jason DurJava, ALCDate:2017-04-19
Buying a home can be the biggest investment many people make in their lifetimes. These are some things you should know before considering jumping into home ownership.

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